New Google Easter Egg: Zerg rush

New Google Easter Egg: Zerg rush

Im quite amazed with the results of Google when I type “zerg rush” in google search box, zerglings started to appear on the screen (presented in “0”) and attacking the search results and some content within the page, when all the content has been destroyed zerglings formed into GG means (Good Game).

Its fun attacking the zergs, seems like google was a huge fan of starcraft. lolz.

Try it yourself:
1. Goto -> type “zerg rush” on the search box then press SEARCH button.
2. Beat the Zergs and enjoy playing.

Break a leg!


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  1. Steven Brink

    hahaha love the “GG” part

  2. Jarood Baas

    Starcraft 2 Forever!!!

  3. Joseph Reiff

    Great! A new way to waste time, wasting time… lol

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